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Auteur / Éditeur : MatthieuGautier

Welcome to you, new MUFFIN reader, the Fedora magazine for French speaking users. Why MUFFIN? In French, MUFFIN means "Magazine for the Users of Fedora who speaks French, Imperfect (the magazine... not the users), but Necessary (again, the magazine).

Even if it took a long time to make this first issue, it is a great pleasure to introduce MUFFIN to you today.

This issue it is certainly imperfect. I don't know any perfect magazine, even less at the release of its first issue. The redaction team is pretty young and it is sure we missed some errors.

From my point of view, this magazine is more than necessary:

  • The first reason is the development and the promotion of Free and Open Source Software. Of course MUFFIN is Fedora oriented but it sticks to the first goals of the Fedora Project: promotion and the development of FOSS. Even today, I'm surprised when I see the amount of people, even inside of the Fedora community, who doesn't get the ins and outs of FOSS.
  • The second reason is the development of the Fedora community. If the [French] forum is really active and the [French] documentation is pretty complete, I sometimes have the feeling that the community doesn't realize the importance - and the responsibility - it bears. Promotion, translation, quality assurance are so many sub-projects which lack some many people.
  • Third and last reason, the Fedora Project promotion. It has to be achieved on two distinct levels. On the one hand, from an inside level, to explain the community members how the project works and what are the decisions that have been taken, and why. On the other hand, from an outside level, to promote this wonderful project as a whole. Indeed the promotion of Fedora as an operating system is most of the time minor and eclipsed by other projects.

So, after we discovered Mandriva magazine - i.e. Magnum, I involved myself into this project and I took its leadership. I am really proud of what we have achieved and I want to thank all the redaction team for the work it provided.

I hope you will enjoy reading this magazine as much as we enjoyed creating it.